What the Next Year looks like

Well I have a little more of an idea of what the next year of my life is going to look like now! I have the amazing opportunity to live at home (saves money), and work two jobs. I will be working at the Dollar General Store part time and also working at the West Baden Springs Hotel and the French Lick Resort and Casino in Guest Services (front desk agent). What a privilege! I grew up in French Lick, Indiana my whole life pretty much despite the fact I spent the first 5 years of my life in Orleans, Indiana. I am also an alumni of Orleans High School. I will be living with my mom like I said before which will be hard because I am surrounded by nonbelievers, worldly views, and temptations to fall into sin. I love my family and my home, but it is so easy to become comfortable and not spend time with the Father and Son. I need this relationship to survive this next year of my life, but I don’t currently have a room so finding a place to call my own is hard. I don’t have a place for quiet retreat to spend meditating on the words of the creator! I can’t wait till my uncle and his girlfriend move out so that I can have my own space, but my mom doesn’t see how important it is for me to be able to retreat. I am an introvert and I have an attitude which flares up when I have met or am over my limit of balance for being around people. That limit is typically met at work during the days, but I can typically do about 60/40 and be balanced. I love people, but I love me time too! I use to need 100% me time, but I love people now. I love being able to tell people how I get the chance to live in China for a year and how I have to raise the money and challenging them is where it gets hard for me.

I need to challenge people to support me monthly, but it is hard. I want to get to the field next year, but where this money is coming from I really have no clue. I am patiently waiting to get to China though. I just have to be diligent in asking and sending letters with follow up calls and meetings. Sending the letters is easy, but its the following up with calls and asking for a meeting that is hard! I am excited to see why the Father has me home for this next year and what he plans to do in and with my family during the year. I have already started to see a little bit of a change in one person, but no names. She started attending fellowship again so it is nice to be able to help her when she comes to me with questions and asking me which Book she should buy that will be understandable. It will be great practice for how I have to interact in China. My family is not ones who want to be told that they believe wrongly or that they are not Christians in general. I totally get that, but they aren’t. They are in the sake of religion, but not in the same way that I am which is a way of life and a way that I believe and live my life daily. I show the world my faith and try to shine the love and light of the Son to each person daily. I really don’t want this faith and vision and light to go away while I am home.

I will keep fighting to know the Father daily and spend time with him as much as I possible can now that I will be working two jobs to pay off the student loan debt I have and save a little money as well as enjoy not being broke! haha but seriously I need to be lifted up to the Father because this year will be hard!!


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