Catch my breath… and my feet hit the floor and Here I go… full speed ahead!

So today is the day! I start back to support raising again!! I have made it known that I did not leave for China this year! I would physically be in Beijing right now, but I am still in French Lick, Indiana about to get ready for work! :/ I feel confident that the Father will lead me to the places I need to be looking for supporters and he has already done that! I have two places of fellowship to go to and I have made good connections with coworkers and people in my community again! I am continuing to step out on faith here and see what the Father will do through my community as I hit the ground running and continue to knock myself out of the Father’s way!!

A little more personal note here… I have just been diagnosed with PCOS which is polycystic ovary syndrome. I am starting metformin today and well I need the help of the Father to get me through this and to help me stay true to dieting and exercising! Hopefully this helps with my motivation as I get better sleep and have more energy!

Well off to work now! just wanted to give a small update and be expecting newsletters from me soon!! I need your support and your partnership as well as lifting up to the One we Serve!!


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