Big News

So I know that I have posted this on facebook already, but I wanna blog about it too and give a little more detail. I will not be serving God in China at this point in my life. I was posed a couple really hard questions by a sister last week. While these questions laid […]


Recently I awoke from  a very realistic dream. Though it was just a dream… it seemed like it was really happening. It was about someone I see almost on a daily basis right now. I had never thought about him in this way and still don’t see him this way. However, because I am a […]

Peanut butter and Jelly

Now before anyone asks… No this post is NOT about the PB and J sandwich! I actually do not like them! lol… This post is about love and working out! I was able to make it to fellowship yesterday for the first time in well a month or so! I was nervous to actually attend […]