Peanut butter and Jelly

Now before anyone asks… No this post is NOT about the PB and J sandwich! I actually do not like them! lol…

This post is about love and working out!

I was able to make it to fellowship yesterday for the first time in well a month or so! I was nervous to actually attend because I had not been for such a long while. Even still some still associate me with Dani and Ash! No big deal for the most part, but building relationships with them while seeming to follow in their footsteps is hard. I wanted to go to China the summer before they even considered going, but I’ve seemed to always feel like I’m living in their shadows. I know it is wrong to feel this way and some that don’t know them know I am not and do not think this. People who seen me growing when I first felt the Father lay this on my heart and the vision to come to life do not think or see this feeling I have. I still have felt that some people think I am doing this because it is what they have done, but I know it is not and the Father knows it is not! Still a fellowship whose heard their stories, would seem to be on board, but it seems I’ve hit a dead end with the fellowship. I feel so comfortable at home and my job! well if I wasn’t leaving there are so many amazing opportunities, but I am leaving and not able to step up and take a full time position. I find myself longing for that money at time! I don’t need that much… just enough to pay my bills!

Back to attending the fellowship on Sunday! haha I get sidetracked easily… So when I first got there, I sat alone, but quickly felt warmly welcomed during the “greeting one another” time. An old teacher attends there who just retired and she recognized me as a familiar face. I sat with the same person I was sitting with before I wasn’t able to attend. I had several people come up to me and tell me that they had been thinking about me and was wanting to get into contact with me! It was really sweet! I will have plans with a girl to meet up some time this week or in the near future and that may be an answer to my faithful uplifting for a woman to walk along side with during my time here at home. I am excited to get together with her!

After church, I was invited to go to lunch with a few people and that was really sweet because I got to connect with someone I knew of when I was in jr. high and high school, but never really knew! I also got to meet with other people in the fellowship and just get to know them and feel loved by just being in their company and enjoying fellowship with them at a restaurant. It wasn’t a long gathering because we all had things to do and I did have to be at work. 😦

Needless to say I felt loved by almost everyone!!!! 🙂 🙂


well my legs feel like jelly! They are just staying together because they have to but they are shaky and wobbly! Why? well… I started the 21 Day Fix today!! It is so hard!!!!! The first workout they start you out with is a 30 minute full body cardio workout. To be honest… I made it through about 16 minutes and then I could not do anymore. I thought I was going to die, but I am proud of myself for what I ate today and for working out like I did!!!

While working out, my dog-a husky/lab mix, was in the livingroom with me and he had no idea what to make of what I was doing! It was so funny because about 5 minutes into the workout-barely finishing with my warmups.. he decided to sniff around and see what I was doing… He didn’t really like it. I started going side-to-side and he was scared a little because he seemed to be trying to investigate, but it didn’t work! lol Then I had to go on my knees and back up many times and he didn’t like that even more than before! When I was going down at one point, he decided it was a perfect time to give a huge hug and kiss! He’s taller than me if I’m on my knees because he’s almost taller than me standing up! It was so cute, funny, and distracting! lol After I said no and lay down he laid down at the end of my yoga mat. He doesn’t really like my yoga mat either! haha he’s a very skiddish dog, but he’s very investigative too! Oh how I love my faithful and loyal companion! I’m not sure what he will do with me gone for a year in China! He only listens to me and behaves when I am home!

Ideas on how to correct this behavior when I’m gone?

I think I’m done… I’m strong at heart like peanut butter, but physically like jelly! 🙂

Till next time…



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