Recently I awoke from  a very realistic dream. Though it was just a dream… it seemed like it was really happening. It was about someone I see almost on a daily basis right now. I had never thought about him in this way and still don’t see him this way. However, because I am a human… I was overwhelmed and consumed by the dream and thoughts of what had happened for a couple days.

I am single and actually enjoy being single right now. I am not in a place to be in a relationship outside of the one I am growing into with the Father and my savior! He is all that I need right now. Though working with this person after the dream was hard and having a friend point out that you are human and that your life is kind of like the bachelorette… well it made me think and take it to the Father! I don’t want people to think of me as falling head over heels for someone I barely know and I am not sure has the same faith as I do and does not put the Father first as I do.

When I do finally start to date someone it will not be just for fun as the culture we live in today says that it should be. It will be based on how the Father sees me and pursues me. Any man who wants to get to me will have to go through the Father to do so first! I am praying about my future husband, but I know that the Father will provide me the man of my dreams and desires on HIS timing and not mine!

I am okay with waiting because well that is what I am called to do! I want an epic love story to unfold with my future husband the way that my epic love story is in action with the Father. I will wait for the right one and not have any less than a courtship where I am pursued by a man who is more in love with Jesus than the world and only pursues me through love and prayer. Without the Father paving the way and without him in the middle… no relationship or marriage will work!

In order to prepare for my future husband… I need to pursue the Father the way he is pursuing me! For now… I wait for the man the Father has for me, but I pray for him, already love him, guard my heart for him, and fall more in love with Jesus daily for him!

Next blog… later this week… BIG NEWS to come!!


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