Big News

So I know that I have posted this on facebook already, but I wanna blog about it too and give a little more detail.

I will not be serving God in China at this point in my life. I was posed a couple really hard questions by a sister last week. While these questions laid heavy on my heart, I prayed about them. The major question was “Where is God calling Stephanie right now?” I prayed God where are you calling me and where do you want me? after that question was prayed, I just listened with an open mind and an open heart.

My support raising was not going where I knew it needed to go and as I listened to what God was laying on my heart, I knew I had made the wrong choice. God knows my heart for the nations and to serve in China and to be his hands and feet, but he also sees how much He needs me to be at home being a light into darkness that surrounds the people I love.

I’m sad that I will not be going to serve in China, but I know that it is where God wants me to be. I am staying in French Lick, Indiana and will be working at the French Lick Resort and Casino for as long as needed, but I am applying for jobs in a career field that I qualify for that fall under my degree qualifications. I am excited to see where God takes me through staying home. I am also scared, but I have a good church family and am forming friendships with believers in my community that have not existed before.

Be praying for me through this transition and through the difficulties that I will face. I am clinging to Jesus and I feel growth and life again already. 🙂


A side not with a perk of staying home… I don’t have to leave my puppy who is a hand full and only obeys his owner-ME! 🙂 I love my little guy…  He is a little bigger than this pic, but I love this pic of him as it explains his personality… Snuggles… my little trouble maker!

No matter where God takes me, God is by my side! I will stand firm!! 11390200_10152850747487411_1153270528460082766_n


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