Continuous Changes 

a lot has been happening since my post! If you read my last post you know I quit pushing China on God and started letting God direct my path! It has been so much better since then! My mom and I aren’t arguing as much now and man have I felt myself growing as a person and a Christian! 

I am absolutely loving my church and just the family I am creating within the community! I have had a few amazing gospel conversations and shared my testimony with a few people as well in the past couple weeks. 

I started looking for a job in my career field and I found one and applied!! I am so excited to say… I have a job interview this Wednesday at 9am!!!! It is at Southern Hills Counseling Center in Jasper Indiana!!!! Please lift this up to God as I really feel like this job is something God wants me to be doing in this next chapter of my life! 

Bigger news…. I am taking the GRE in the spring and will then be praying for a school to apply to and a degree to seek for my masters!! 

A lot of exciting things happening in my life and I must say it is surprisingly in stressful and calming! 

Blessings till next time! 


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