Waging War in Prayer

“Waging War in Prayer” is the name of my prayer journal. Recently, our church studied through the War Room Bible study. It was so much fun. I loved learning how to fight in a way that is pleasing to God. I had not seen the movie while going through the study, but I felt like it was better that way because I am single!

The movie is about a married couple going through difficult times where God is not their main focus and they are giving up on one another and God is only present in their lives occasionally and not all the time. They are lukewarm Christians. I use to be a lukewarm Christian, but for almost 3 years, I have been ALL IN all the time… not just occasionally!

After finishing the study, I had enjoyed how my prayer life had changed and become stronger. I did not want that to end. I finally watched the movie and after watching the movie, I made a decision to not let the prayer life I had started to develop slip away into oblivion.

Prayer can be the hardest thing to stay consistent with! Why? Because we feel silly sitting or kneeling and talking to ourselves. I find myself at times praying a quick prayer at night and falling asleep before I actually finish, but I try to pray throughout my whole day when things arise and never letting the conversation in my head stop with God because it helps me to keep my mind and heart centered on the cross throughout my whole day as well.

However, this is good, but not the right way I felt I should be praying. It was not intentional time set aside to truly pray and worship God with my time.

Unlike the War Room, I do not have a closet with a door or a private place to put all my prayers on a wall nor get rid of all the distractions such as my clothes and shoes. I barely have the privacy that I need to pray out loud without being bothered or interrupted by my family. My family thinks I am crazy enough as it is.

I decided to create a prayer journal! It has been working. I took scripture from the War Room and put it at the beginning of the journal so that I can get rid of the things standing in my way and prevent the devil from wiggling his way into any inch of my life especially when I go to War!

My prayer life feels really good. I have struggled with it on and off because well it is awkward to sit and pray for a half hour to an hour nightly when you feel there is little time or you are just purely exhausted from work, children, school, or whatever your day entailed. I take the time to write out my prayers and put them in the journal so that I can keep praying for others and specific needs of my own. I’m not sure about you, but I have a tendency to forget things quite often and this way I always have a way to go back and reference what I was praying for specifically for someone else or even myself at a specific time. I don’t date them because I don’t want t prayer to be specific to a certain time and day and then the prayer is done and over with. I want to continue to pray for the person or even the part of my life even after a prayer has been successfully answered or unsuccessfully answered. I note these things in the journal too and continue to pray and place gratitude in the journal to note that I am thankful for an answered or unanswered prayer!

I don’t give up even if the answer is no to something, my prayers change, my mind changes, my heart changes, but God does not change and I know that if I ask for it, that he will grant it to me as long as it follows his will for my life (1 John 5:14-15).

Keep praying… keep fighting the good fight! Never give up because God isn’t giving up on you! Prayer is powerful because God is powerful! When you sit and pray, no matter how awkward it may feel, if you are truly a believer…then God is hearing the prayers and listening to each word you say as you intercede for people in your life and blessing them and working in their lives at that moment. His power reaches to the ends of the earth and there is no corner too far that He is not able to reach! Don’t sell God short because He is more than you could ever imagine! Let God work His magic while you take all your concerns, worries, anxieties, blessings, pains, burdens, the people in your life, and the world around you to Him!

Till next time… Pray, fight, and wage a war…the right way!



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