It’s Not What You Think

I just finished reading this amazing book by Jefferson Bethke! Though I pre-ordered it, it took me a couple months to finish reading it. I recommend it as a good read no matter how long you don’t believe in God, or if you’ve been walking with God for 80 years!

As I read this book, goosebumps crawled my arms from the beginning till the end! I had many amazing moments throughout the book. From a moment where Jefferson talks about putting an hear to God and listening to Him because he only whispers and you only hear him if you are intent on listening. I had to put the book down and tell God that I was listening.

When I started listening to him in that moment… the whispers got a little louder and I could clearly hear God’s words. Though it was in my head and after I thought I was crazy, the words were of God and not my own. I wasn’t thinking or talking, but just listening. The words that I heard were words that were loving, encouraging, sweet, uplifting, but most of all…the words were comforting.

The intimacy that Jefferson writes with, is beyond what I have felt any other author write with-fiction or non-fiction. He goes into things that some would dare not talk about in person, let alone cover in a book!

I also realized, when he talks about the Sabbath and what it means and looks like, well I realized that I had not been taking care of myself. I have not been refueling my soul. I have been wearing out and tearing myself up from the inside out. I am taking the first Sabbath tomorrow for the first time since graduating college.

The last moment I had in the book, was toward the end of it. He writes about how him and his wife moving close to the town where he grew. He tells a story about how hard it was to grow up and now that he is back…he is facing the life that caused him wounds that he’d thought had become scars, but as he drives down the streets of his childhood home, he realizes that those wounds were not healed completely.

As I read this part of the book, my thoughts wandered to me coming home and all the plans that have changed so quickly over the past 8 months. My past and childhood and the places I have always called home have caused a lot of wounds. When I came home, though I had forgiven people and myself, what I thought were scars became open and gushing wounds again. My heart was shattered and broken for all the pain that had been done to me. I kept praying and slowly these wounds have become scars again.

God has fused my open wounds shut and turned them into scars since returning home to live and work! I know that though my past holds things I uncover quite often, trusting God to heal them is something that can never run dry and never change!

Reading this book opened my eyes to more of my heart, to see that other brothers and sisters struggle with similar and far worse things than what I have or am struggling with in my life! My life is significant and this book really helped me to open my mind and heart even further to grow more in my walk with God.

I suggest you pick up this book and Jesus>Religion by Jefferson Bethke! You will struggle to put the book down and not be drawn into his life and crave to share the intimacy that he freely writes through the 200 pages of the books that God has gifted the world with!

As wounds become scars…



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