1…2…3… JUMP!!!!!

So I’ve not blogged in a couple weeks. I had wanted to blog on my Spiritual Birthday (Valentine’s Day) but I didn’t have my computer and I was stuck at work! 🙂 When you work at a 5 star resort and your stuck…well who can complain!

I’ve been walking with Christ for 3 years now and man has it been hard!! I decided to write myself 3 years from now a letter! 🙂 I loved the idea of writing myself a letter. I wrote about the changes over the past year and just how quickly my life has changed over a years time and the growth that I’ve seen in myself and what others have pointed out in me as well. I can’t wait to read it in 3 years and reflect on the growth that God has moved me with.

A few weeks ago…I had an awesome Christ-centered conversation with someone. It made me realize how much I miss my friends from college and my small discipleship group and just the friends I’d sit with and would see me say something, wear something, or do something that was ungodly (male and female) and point me back to Christ with scripture! I miss that and this person made me realize it. After leaving the conversation… I prayed that God would let me get to know this person better as a brother/sister in Christ. About a week later, I was reading through the Bible plan on She Reads Truth app and the person’s name popped into my head. It was a faint whisper, but I’ve heard God’s voice more and more lately since I stopped talking and started listening.

After this person’s name was placed on my heart, something shifted! I put it out of my mind, but when I seem him (adjective can’t be avoided anymore) my heart shift made sense. I’m not sure where things will go, but tonight was a great start! 🙂

As I told my closest and dearest friend about liking him and telling him I like him…she thought I was crazy because it goes against my courtship ideas, but hey what do I have to do let a guy know I’m available and interested in a Biblical relationship centered on Christ with him ? Am I right? not really, but things didn’t get off right at first! Going through a 3rd party who isn’t a believer is harder than a godly friend pointing out that 2 godly people should date! As I told her I liked him and that someone was telling him I like him tonight… She posed some amazing questions! “Is this thinking about him starting to control your thoughts? Good or bad thoughts (pure or impure)? Are they thoughts about his walk with Christ?” I thought before I answered because they were great questions with which needed great soul searching. I replied to her that I am not being consumed by thoughts of him because I don’t think about him unless I see him and since I work with him… well it’s kinda hard! I told her when I do see him…I smile like crazy and a little kid in a candy store (part of the issue we got off on the wrong foot with because of tonight). I don’t think impurely when I do think about him, but I think about his walk with Christ and how he’s focused on Christ and is a leader in his church and a strong follower of Christ! He is unashamed of the gospel and doesn’t care what other people think about him when he brings his Bible to work and reads in openly. But things were misunderstood which is easy when you aren’t face-to-face.

I stepped off a cliff tonight and said “God please catch me!” Well he did! I came home and sent him a message (a long one at that) and was nervous as he read it and then more nervous while seeing him respond! When he did respond it was so sweet and amazing! A true act of God’s hand in a friendship! It is part of an answered prayer! Now if only the rest of what God has laid on my heart is answered… For now… Friends with a brother in Christ is what I need and where we need to be! 🙂

The best part about all of this is that I seen Christ at the center of all of this! I also have a new friend who I’ve been open and vulnerable and honest with for the first time since coming home!

God’s got this!!

Till next time…



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