Being Offensive is FUN!!!!!

I don’t like offending people, but I love offending people when it comes to who I am and what I love and WHO I stand for! I recently found out that someone I work with does not like me. I didn’t know for a while that she didn’t like me, but I went out of […]

I want to be Married!!!!

I wanna get married and I wanna be married and I wanna stay married! I’m not engaged!! I’m not dating!! I’m Single in the eyes of the world, but I want to be married!! Strange? crazy? maybe? But I have to say that being married is NOT where your mind has gone! 🙂 I’m laying […]

Crashing Waves

22 hours ago an amazing woman took her last breath on Earth. An hour later, awoken from deep sleeps, my family was struck with sadness and breaking hearts. It is hard to imagine someone who has been there for you your whole life being gone. Of course you don’t full understand it until you go […]