Being Offensive is FUN!!!!!

I don’t like offending people, but I love offending people when it comes to who I am and what I love and WHO I stand for!

I recently found out that someone I work with does not like me. I didn’t know for a while that she didn’t like me, but I went out of my way to love her and to help her out in any way possible. I offered her the ability to do laundry at my house whenever she needed it and she accepted it once, but not again. I barely work with her, but I have been praying for her quite often for the past 9 months. Eventually she and I stopped working together and it was okay because at times I didn’t like working with her, but I prayed for her salvation and that God would get ahold of her heart and bring him to her and that my life would be a vessel in that story somehow, even if it was just me being a child of God and positive in her life at work.

After finding out I was offending her, I also found out she dated a guy I’ve known my whole life and is one of my ex-boyfriends from high school and before I gave my life to Christ. I barely speak to him now and he also works with us as of this past week. I thought it was because of her now ex-boyfriend too, but when I had a conversation with him at work one night, he told me it was my attitude that offends her.

I laughed! I thought “how do I offend her? “ I’m not a negative person, I like my job, I do more than just my job at work, and I do everything I do out of love and to give God glory in each action. Even on my worst days, I just wasn’t able to see how I could offend her. If anything, most of my co-workers are afraid they will offend me because they know my faith makes me who I am!

A couple days later, I felt this tug on my heart that made me feel bad! She’s offended because of my attitude? So I asked some of my co-workers what they thought of my work attitude and no one else thought it was offensive, or at least to my knowledge that they would admit! Who wants to be truthful to someone’s face? I don’t, but I am! So I let it go and laughed it off.

A day or so later, I thought about it and decided to help her out before her shift since she was coming in later than the normal shift. I really couldn’t believe that she thought I was offensive since we’d had a decent talk the week before, but I told myself to just let it go, but I couldn’t. I asked God why I was offending her and in the silence and my seriousness… I heard God laugh and say, “She’s offended because the Gospel is offensive! You are playing your part if you are offending her by loving me and showing my love to her and in your work environment! Well done my good and faithful servant!”

I started to laugh too at that point because God’s work is being done through me though I am doing nothing but loving those around me! I love the feeling I’ve had of being offensive to other people. Being aware that you are offending someone is pretty awesome when you know you are offending them because you love Jesus Christ!!

I love Jesus and I wanna let the whole world know that I do love him and will keep loving him till well I’ll never stop loving Him because I know I’ll be worshiping him for eternity!  I wanna be offending more people in this way now that I know I am.

Till next time… I’ll keep trying to offend people with the Gospel…



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