Big Changes

So I haven’t blogged in a minutes but it’s time for some  updates! Since there have been so many quick changes in my life since last year, I have become reserved about what I tell people and when and how I tell people. Well everything is set in stone now and I can make some HUGE announcements.

As most know my plans over the past year have changed so quickly. I have barely had a chance to dig deep into scripture and pray hard with as much as things have changed. I went from dead set on going to China to postponing for a year to soon after have some deep heart searching questions asked by a good friend. The decision was hard but Gods plan was revealed and China just was not his plan for me right now.

After all my prayers and hard work I was sad and disappointed that God was now choosing not to use me in China. I started praying for what was next and where God wanted me. I approached my cousin  Tiffany about moving back to Jasper Indiana with me but she proposed New Albany Indiana instead. I told her I would go pray  about it. There are so many more job opportunities down there anyways! So I felt God opening a door.

We started looking for apartments in New Albany and went to actually look at them only to find they were completely out of our price range. We branched out a little further and went to Clarksville and found decent apartments in our range. So we were set. We just needed to actually apply closer to august when we were ready to move.

I started praying about a job in my career field that I would enjoy doing. I started applying to everything I qualified for but nothing really seemed to be happening. I kept praying about where God wanted me and what his next chapter for my life looked liked. At some point back in March I felt grad school on my mind. I questioned God and what he wanted exactly. I started looking into it and what that would look like but I still was so unsure. Does God want me to move to Clarksville and go to grad school or does he want me to move away to go to school again? I looked into IUS and their school counseling program and I also looked into seminary. I checked both out and started praying about them after God shut the doors to schools outside of the area. As I prayed I started both applications but the more I prayed the more i felt God pulling me in one direction. I stepped out in faith and only applied to seminary!

After a lot of prayer, I have been accepted to Southern Baptist Theologian Seminary in Louisville KY!

So part one to Gods plan started! Job? Apartment?

We finally went down a month ago and applied for apartments. This time we ended up in Jeffersonville IN. As we were applying to them I was praying. I have to give up my love bug temporarily but sacrifices must be made sometimes. We liked the first apartment but we just weren’t okay with 1,500 dollars down the day we move in plus paying all bills! It was a 2 bed 1.5 bath town home but we needed to find a place and they only had one available. We applied. Then we headed back to Clarksville to go to Walmart.

As we are driving down the road Tiffany points out a business and says I need to apply there. As we turn on the road to Clarksville we see this set of apartments that never showed up on our online list. We drive in and look and like. No main office though. We find a Flyer and call. The office is in Sellersburg, IN about 15 mins away but we got there with 20 minutes before they closed. They had a 1,160 sq. foot apartment with 2 beds and 2 baths available for our move in date! We applied and there was no application fee. The most was a 350 deposit and rent wasn’t due till the day we move in. So I prayed we would get that one over the other. It was so close but we got it the next day and had the weekend to come up with the money with the deposit.

The night after we applied for apartments I went home to look at jobs on and the first posting was from the same place Tiff told me to apply. I applied. The next day I had the official app to fill out and by Sunday the 3rd of July i had an interview lined up for that Tuesday when we went to put the deposit on the apartment! By the end of the interview, I had an unofficial job offer to start in August! The best part is the organization is faith based and in my career field and has flexible hours for school. Even better some employees are southern seminary students too!!

HUGE things happening and God is working in my life! To sum it up… Im moving to Jeffersonville, IN with my cousin Tiffany ( who starts her bachelors at IUS in August), starting seminary in Louisville in January, and starting a new career in August! My time at home has been necessary and sweet but bitter at times. I’m really excited about this next journey in life!

Till next time….



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