Settled into being Unsettled

We settled into our new apartment really well. We have lived here for almost a month now and things are going good for us. We have had some bumps in the road, but I am seeing God work in ways that have been so sweat.

We took our vacations when we moved into our apartment and I had a 2 week vacation and my cousin (Tiff) was suppose to have only one week, but her workplace screwed her over. She went almost 3 weeks of vacation and I went back home to finish out my last week of working at the West Baden Springs Hotel. My cousin now has a job working at Childplace, where I also work.

Our vacation wasn’t filled with a whole lot. I got Tiff addicted to One Tree Hill. We spent quite a bit of time watching after we got everything put together in the apartment. It looks really good. It’s a big apartment, but we can’t complain because we like it. The first night in the apartment, the washer was hooked up wrong and the hallway floor flooded. The next 2 days, the air conditioner was broken and it was beyond horrible to be inside, but outside was no better! Once we got all that fixed… things got a lot better. We’ve only had minor problems since… Like grease in the garbage disposal and it coming back and splashing Tiff all over the place. We explored the city a little though. We went downtown and walked around taking photos and just enjoying the beauty of the river. We took one night and walked across the Big4 bridge into Louisville, KY and back. We walked late evening as the sun was setting and watched the lights come on on the bridge. It was breath taking. We had no idea that we would experience something so beautiful!

My last week of working full-time at the hotel was bittersweet. I couldn’t wait for the week to be over, but it seemed to go by so slowly. I loved spending 5 days with my love bug though! I didn’t like sleeping on the couch at my mom’s though. I came back home and starting training that Thursday for my new career! I then had the weekend off and my closest friend, Staci came down with her mom to spend the day with me. It was so much fun despite the rainy weather. We explored downtown Jeff and Louisville. It was a sweet day and much needed for me spiritually.

We started orientation this week for our new job. The first day was super easy because it was paperwork. The last 4 days though… well I can’t figure out if my legs are still there or not… Just kidding… my legs are there, but they are sore. We trained in Safe Crisis Management. If there was ever a workout to do… it is this! We were terrified of not passing the skill out exams after 2 days of brutally beating our bodies. Today we had our CPR and First Aide training. There was a power outage where we were doing our training, we weren’t in Jeff! It was a sauna in the building with 15 of us all trying to be in a small room with no air flow, fans, or windows able to be opened. We quickly got through everything so that we could get out of there. We passed everything! We are certified and start work on Monday. We are glad we have the weekend off to recover from our brutal week!

At the end of this week… I successfully can take someone to the ground and assist them when they are in need of being restrained for their own safety or other’s safety. Not looking forward to ever actually using any of them, but that is a prayer I will have each day I go to work! I’m excited, but nervous to start my career in the cottage, but I am excited to see what God will do through me for his kingdom! 🙂

My next step is to figure out how I will be paying for Southern Baptist in January. I’m trusting God for that!

This month has been a struggle with all the changes, money has been super tight. We paid our rent today, a week early so we don’t have to worry about getting back up to the same town we’ve been going to all week already, by the first of the month. We have several other bills coming up as well. We are figuring out how we are paying for all of them with money being so tight. I am confident that God will provide though.

As we have settled into our new lives here, I’ve been trying to figure out “alone time”. We’ve been watching so much Netflix, that I have become a little too comfortable in my walk with Christ this month. I have been looking for a Church in the area to call home for the next couple of years, but so far I am unsure where God is calling me. Tiff has been going with me, which has been nice, but a part of me wants to do this on my own, but I have been so blessed and thankful for her in this major life change for me.

The first Sunday, after moving in, we went to Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. Well…. let’s just say, it definitely is not the church for us! Not because it is a bad one! Size wise was just not for us right now. I’ve been to bigger churches in college, but to go to a Mega Church that is the 5th largest and home to 30,000 members… just a bit much at the moment. I do like the college group though. I want to find a church that has young adult groups or a college group. I want to start making like-minded friendships with people who life around here.

I miss my genuine friendships. I love my friends and sisters in Christ, but we’ve all moved away and “hanging out” isn’t something that we do anymore. I want to, but life is happening and we are all on our own walks with Christ and He has taken us all in different directions. I have to trust that God will provide the people that I need for him to make me into the woman that he is still molding me into.

I started reading ‘Crazy Love’ by Francis Chan 2 weeks ago and I can’t put it down. Obviously I have since I’m only half way through it 2 weeks in. I miss being able to read a book in like 2-3 days! :/ It has been making me ask myself a lot of hard questions about my walk, but it is what I have needed to challenge myself and help me to grow for the present time. I took a Sabbath for the first time in months last week as well, which was beyond needed. After Church, we went out for lunch, then went to a store to look around for a little bit, and when we came home, watched a couple episodes of One Tree Hill, then I went to my room to spend time with Jesus! It was so sweet! I spent several hours just praising him through song and His word! It was more than needed!

I’m right where God wants me! I might have settled into the apartment and made it home, but I’m not settling for anything less than a full sprint toward Christ each day. Though it is hard, I know that God will lead me even on the days that I am exhausted and can’t move another inch toward Him. The best part… is I know that God will meet me where I’m at when I get to this point!

I’m settled into being unsettled!



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