June 22, 2015

Two years ago….

I had just moved home for the first time in 4 years from college to actually stay for longer than a month. My plans had just delayed my plans to go to China for a year so that meant I would be living at home for a year. A lot was about to change, but I didn’t know how much they would really change.

Today, June 22, 2017, I have a couple things to write in my prayer journal and I decide to go back and read over all the answered prayers over the past four years and thank Him for all He continues to do in my life as I remind myself that he has gotten me through worse situations than the heartache that I am facing today. I have trusted God through it all!

As I read the entries and the dates they were entered and the dates they were answered and how they were answered… sometimes the answer is not right now, NO, and Yes!… I have a mix of these answers over the past 4 years of walking with Christ.

Two entries jump out for me…

The first is June 22, 2015, I started praying for my little brother’s salvation and my mom’s salvation. Being in college, I prayed for them, but it was hard to continuously keep them on my mind always since I wasn’t always with them. But living at home and loving them and showing them my life, I made them a priority!

God answered it. April 16, 2017, my little brother who is now 18 went to church with me unexpectedly after calling me a week prior and crying and telling me he was hurting and tired of feeling the way he was feeling. I wanted to drop everything and drive home to him, but I was at work at the time and had to work the rest of the week, but I was able to run to him that weekend. I loved him and intentionally asked him to go with me to church. It being Easter Sunday, he went and as the pastor talked about Christ’s love and death on the cross, he finally seen a need for God’s saving grace. God isn’t finished with my brother’s transformation, but he is working on that daily. I see my little brother changing slowly more and more each day. It’s been 2 years, but God answered that prayer. I am still waiting for my mom, but I haven’t given up that God will save her for His glory soon and oh how sweet it will be to know my family is walking with Christ and that their lives are forever changed for the better and that I will get to spend eternity with them!

The second answered prayer that stands out to me wasn’t answered on this day 2 years ago, but a few days prior.

March, 2014, I went to the eye doctor because I couldn’t see out of my right eye. I fiercely prayed for it. I had to go to a specialist that summer for three months. At the end of the summer, I went from 0% vision to around 80% of my vision back after just three shots into my eye. I prayed daily for my vision! It was a rough summer, but God worked in my life in miraculous ways. The specialist was surprised at how quickly my eye sight had returned. He told me I would have to come back to see him at some point because the medication does not always work and most patients need more than 3 shots in the eye to keep the blood vessels from growing back! I didn’t go back to the eye doctor for over a year, but when I did… June 18, 2015, I was told that almost a year after the shots… I still had just over 80% of my eye sight back. It has been almost 2 years since my last eye doctor visit and this year, January, my new eye doctor said there was still no reason for alarm because my eye sight was still around 80%. I continue to pray God restores my sight to 100%, but God answered my prayer… he worked a miracle in my life because I relied on Him and believed in His abilities to save me and work miracles for His glory!

My eye specialist was skeptical during those 3 months because every time I entered into his room and took a deep breath to embrace a shot into my eye… I had a smile on my face! He would always ask how I was doing with all the shots and the lack of vision and I was always positive and said things about how I wasn’t worried and how I was praying and God has it all under control and I trust God will heal me and restore my sight. The doctor wasn’t a believer… but because of my faith in Christ, he got a glimpse into what God can do. I only hope he seen Christ in me and that God has or will bring him into His kingdom!

God is good! He is still a miracle worker! He uses the worst parts of our lives to glorify His name and to bring joy into our lives and others! Pain and suffering aren’t of God’s nature, but He uses them for His glory and our good!

Praise God!



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